It’s Sunday morning and I just woke up in my childhood home in Brooklyn. I was just dreaming about my father who passed about seventeen years ago. I’m staying at my mothers’ this weekend because I’m attending a “Torque Release” chiropractic training down here in the city.

My Dad is the reason I became a chiropractor. He was a pharmacist. It frustrated and saddened him watching people get sicker and sicker from the side affects of all the drugs they were taking. Back in the 1970’s before it was fashionable and accepted my Dad started eating “health food” doing yoga, and going to a chiropractor. Everybody thought he’d gone crazy! As an adult I now know how difficult it is to stand up for what you believe in the face of ridicule.  My Dad was a pioneer and I greatly respect him for that. I also feel so much gratitude for his guiding me towards such a fulfilling and wonderful life and career.

Dr. Jay Holder, my teacher and the founder of “Torque Release” technique is also a pioneer. He is the first founder of a chiropractic technique to use scientific research studies to prove the efficacy of the technique not only to the chiropractic community but to the greater scientific community as well.

He was not only able to prove the changes that Torque Release had on a population’s quality of life; but why and how it happened. He was able to show how this gentle but powerful chiropractic technique was capable of changing a person’s whole biochemistry! Imagine that! By removing deep neurological stress from the spine we are able to alter the chemistry of the whole body. Without drugs! Without those side affects that frustrated my father so much!

I’m proud and happy to be your chiropractor. I won’t stop training and learning so I can continually improve the quality of your care.

Adjusting Your Life,