The “Neural Integration Program” at Lester Chiropractic of the Hudson Valley

“We work with Neuro-Developmental Disorders using a natural, holistic, and integrated approach.”

Our “Neural Integration Program” works with neural developmental disorders such as autism, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and sensory processing disorder. We work with the whole body to allow the nervous system to heal, mature, and develop to its optimum potential.

Relaxing Your Child’s Nervous System

Most children with neuro-developmental disorders have a nervous system that is stuck in perpetual overwhelm and in “fight or flight.” Our objective is to relax the nervous system out of “fight or flight.” Relaxing your child’s nervous system allows them  to learn and grow.  A child with ND’s nervous system isn’t properly integrated, meaning that parts of the brain and body aren’t working in harmony.

Our aim is to help your child re-integrate their nervous system so they can better adapt and respond to the demands of their life.

Children have development setbacks primarily because their nervous system’s are overwhelmed and in disharmony. Every method we use is intended to relax, balance and re-integrate their overly taxed nervous system.

We are getting at the foundation of the problem; which is the nervous system. That’s why we get such definitive results.

Laying the Foundation

The three components of our program start with thorough, in depth examination and testing. The results of these tests allow us to build a program particularly created for your child’s growth and development.

The Three Essential Components

  1. Precise and gentle chiropractic adjustments.
  2. Neural Integration Therapy and Exercises.
  3. Functional Nutrition and Biomedical Intervention.

The Role of Chiropractic with NI

Gentle non-force Chiropractic is what distinguishes our program from all others. The doctor is highly trained in working with children with ND and the adjustments are safe, gentle and affective.

Our chiropractic technique is specifically designed to unwind your child’s overstressed nervous system and is essential in releasing it from “fight or flight”. Bringing “ease” to the nervous system allows your child to develop and grow.

This is what is missing from PT, OT, and Speech therapies and what places our program apart.
Our adjustments are specifically designed for each child by first initiating a series of comprehensive computerized tests that determines the amount of stress on the spine and nervous system and where that stress is located.

Many children are holding excessive amounts of stress particularly in the upper cervical (upper neck) and brain-stem area due to trauma and injury during birth. We use these computerized scans throughout care to help us monitor your child’s progress.

Our Goals: To Calm and Balance the Central Nervous System

Neural Integration Therapy and Exercises

Movement-based therapies are used to re-organize and re-integrate your child’s nervous system.  Posture, balance, coordination, gross and fine motor skills, core strength, primitive reflexes and vision are evaluated with a Neuro-Sensory Integration examination .

Our movement based therapy instructor’s background is related to special education, health and physical activity, and has extensive training in neurology as well. Our instructor works one-on-one with each child in a calm and controlled environment each visit for 15 to30 minutes on average.

The movement exercises and activities are specifically created to focus on weaknesses found in our assessment. Like the adjustments, each child’s therapy and exercise program is particularly designed to address their individual needs.

Our Goals: Organization / Integration of Central Nervous System for Improved Neuro-Development

Functional Nutrition Program

Our Doctor has extensive training and education in the areas of nutrition, supplementation, physiological lab testing, and bio-nutritional intervention. Your child will receives an extensive history and extensive lab workup to check many physiological functions such as digestive and immune function, metabolism, food allergies, and blood sugar.

Once the history is reviewed and lab work accessed ,our findings will be shared with each family  and a diet and nutrition program will be recommended and discussed.

Dr. Lester’s recommendations may include elimination diets, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and changing the timing of meals and snacks.

Our Functional Nutrition Program is an essential component to healing each and every child, no matter how simple or complex the case.

The recommendations start with the basics and are implemented slowly so your child isn’t overwhelmed and stressed by dietary change. This makes the program easier to initiate and gives your child s better chance of success.

Our Goals: Attend to Inflammation, Deficiency and Toxicity.

You Can Improve Your Child’s Life