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About 3 weeks ago one of our practice member’s wives gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. He came in to get adjusted 5 days later. He told me that the baby was constipated and hadn’t gone to the bathroom for 2 days. That can’t be healthy for a 5 day old!  I went to [...]

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Preventing Ear Infections in Children

Ear Infections It’s horrible watching our children suffer, there seems so little we can do.  No wonder reoccurring ear infections (otitis media) account for a huge number of pediatrician visits. The traditional treatments for ear infections include: Antibiotic therapy: This may be effective for acute bacterial infections, but many cases are viral, for which antibiotics [...]

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Infant Colic & Gentle Chiropractic Care

Symptoms of Colic Your exhausted, frustrated and feel so helpless as your new baby cries and cries and cries. Infantile colic was first thought to be merely indigestion. The most widely accepted definition of colic today is “unexplainable and uncontrollable crying in babies from 0 to 3 months old, more than 3 hours a day, [...]

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Chiropractic Treatment & Bedwetting in Children

Bedwetting, Children & Chiropractic Bedwetting takes a tremendous toll on children.  Embarrassment, alarms, no sleepovers, plastic mattress covers, frustration, unable to fit in, even diapers. Up to the age of four or five, most children have poor bladder control at night.  But after that, the inability to stay dry at night is a sign of [...]

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