Reviews/ Testimonials for Lester Chiropractic, New Paltz, NY


When I first came to this office, I had chronic headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain. My energy level was way down for quite a while. I’m definitely feeling much better! My headaches are gone, my energy is back and my neck just bothers me from time to time, but I bounce back much quicker. I used to have allergies, Spring and Fall. The Spring allergies were significantly less and the Fall allergies are gone! Thank you Chiropractic and Dr. Lester!”

– M Avitebile

015Chriopractic care, what is it? I didn’t know until I met Doctor Lester. He taught me so much about my body, how all body parts are affected by the environment, eating habits and every day stressors. After treatment, I got my life back, and can actually do normal things in my life that I was unable to do before. I am “living” my life! I shared this knowledge by bringing my family in to learn about their spines, bodies and why they always have some kind of pain in their bodies. The important thing was learning about subluxations and how horrible they are. If cars need alignments in their lifetime, don’t you think our bodies need them too? That’s what Doctor Lester does!”

David’s gentle touch and open sensitivity to another being is a true gift… he truly cares about those in his practice. Heart, compasiion and love are the extra bonus one receives from David’s chiropractic care.”

– D.G.


I came here for my back (which is feeling great), BUT my digestion is so much BETTER!!!”
Michael T.

My eight month old son was diagnosed with acute respiratory virus and was prescribed a nebulizer by his pediatrician. After he used the nebulizer for two weeks he showed little improvement and I was concerned with the health risks of continuing the medication. I then brought him to Dr. Lester. Immediately after his first visit he showed signs of improvement and as a result, the nebulizer is no longer needed.”

– C.V.


About a year ago I had a fall. I started to notice that my arms and hands were starting to get weak. After a while I was having trouble holding on to things, and started to drop them. I also started to notice a significant decrease in my energy. Over all I was just not feeling well; I just wasn’t myself. After my first adjustment with Dr. Dave, both my strength and energy started to return! Now I am finally feeling like myself! Another great change occurred. I was diagnosed with asthma about 5 years ago, and have been using an inhaler since. I haven’t had to use it since I started chiropractic care! It all seems like a miracle. Dr. Dave says that now that all my subluxations are being released it’s the miracle of my own body being able to heal itself. Thanks so much!”

– Ursula

Gentle Chiropractic care for children with problems sleeping.

Leo’s birth was a traumatic c-section. For a year he was continually edgy and had trouble sleeping, waking every few hours, hence we had been suffering sleepless nights for a whole year. My husband Levi and I were always exhausted and stressed out. After Leo’s second adjustment (unbelievably gentle) he slept through the night, and has been sleeping ever since. He’s a different child. Thanks for bringing peace and rest to our home.”

Reesa H. – New Paltz, NY

I threw away my cane! When I first came here, I was having terrible problems with my balance. It was so bad that I needed to walk with crutches to keep myself from falling. Dr. David explained to me that the loss of balance was due to a subluxation in my neck. After a few weeks I got rid of the crutches and starting using a cane. Now I no longer need the cane! I was also suffering from debilitating knee pain for years, that’s much better also. I thank God that I met Dr. David, and been introduced to chiropractic!”

– D.Z.


Pregnant woman with breech baby.

When I was 34 weeks pregnant, I was told that my baby was footling breach and that if the baby didn’t turn he or she would have to be delivered by cesarean section. This was a blow to me and my husband since we had hoped for a natural birth. I went to my birth class and burst into tears when I told the instructor what the Dr. had said.  My Instructor was sympathetic but unfazed.  She told me to see Dr. David Lester as soon as possible.  A doula who was a guest at our class that week also told me that her client’s baby had also been breach and had turned after she was treated by Dr. David.

I got in to see Dr. David that week.  After my first treatment I could feel that the baby was no longer up under my ribs and at the next sonogram the Dr. said the baby had turned to a head down position!  I’m so happy for my baby and me that we are having a natural childbirth. Thanks Dr. Lester!”

Alice P.  – Poughkeepsie, NY

Client image

My name is Sonia Leetom, and this is my baby #1. I was referred to Dr. Lester by my Doula and I went in as soon as I could.  I had been in pain-left hip-since my baby was transverse, and his head was on my left side.  After Dr. Lester applied the Webster technique a few times, my baby boy flipped around!

All of my family & friends had been praying for this and they were ecstatic!  The technique is very gentle, and evidently, very effective.  My husband and I also learned a lot about chiropractic care and will be bringing the baby in for adjustments as well.

Dr. Lester teaches and demonstrates what he does and you feel at ease, more informed and you know you are in great hands!!  Now the Dr. is working on stimulating everything to get my 1 week overdue baby out!…I feel we will have success!” Thank you! Sonia Leetom – New Paltz, NY

Image of client

January 2010 began with a bang for me, and it was not necessarily a good one. I was under a lot of emotional stress at work and in my personal life. My medical conditions of depression/anxiety, ovarian cysts, and asthma were all out of control. I added a psychiatrist, a new gynecologist, and a new primary care doctor to my team of physicians. In February 2010, when I developed severe back pain, I opened the yellow pages looking for relief, and I found Dr. Lester and his practice.

As I began chiropractic treatment with Dr. Lester, I felt the difference in my body. The first time I felt my back “release” all the tension it felt very strange… and wonderfully good! My body took a deep breath, spontaneously. I am a trained singer, and I had never experienced such a deep level of breathing until Dr. Lester adjusted my spine. Over the months of care, my asthma has been controlled. I have not used my rescue medicine, and for my daily medicine, which I’m supposed to take twice a day, I’m down to one dose a day.

I have attended several of Dr. Lester’s classes, which have been very helpful in understanding what he does during an adjustment, but also in learning coping techniques for handling stress in every-day situations. As a result of my new learning experiences on how stress affects the nervous system and in turn the rest of my body, I am more aware of my actions and reaction to stress. I am able to handle stress in a more effective way. I have not taken my anxiety medication in months!

As a result of chiropractic care, I am calmer, I breathe better, and I feel healthier. I look forward to my adjustments, knowing that the time I spend in Dr. Lester’s care will make a positive impact on how my body functions and responds to life.”
Carmen Garcia – New Paltz, NY

Image of a client

Before I started my chiropractic adjustments, I had terrible chronic pain in my lower back to the point that it hurt for me to bend over. My neck was also very tight and stiff with limited mobility.  I could not turn my head to either side very far. Now, after 4 months of going to Dr. Lester, my back pain is gone and I have much improved mobility in my neck.  I’m also much more relaxed and dealing with stress much better. He has continually encouraged me. He has helped me regain confidence in taking care of myself. Dr. Lester has given me many stretching exercises. I have improved by doing the exercises daily. Dr. Lester has also encouraged me to go to all the workshops which I have done. Dr. Lester’s workshops on Tuesday evenings have helped to reinforce important information that I have forgotten over the years of my life, thank you, Dr. Lester.”

Mark Samek –  New Paltz, NY

Chiropractic client testimonial - Trissa A

After a serious car accident in 1993 I’ve experienced chronic back pain and required regular chiropractic adjustments to manage pain and to increase mobility. After years of regular, traditional structural adjustments by various chiropractors, I began seeing Dr. Lester and within a few years I was able to discontinue treatment.

For over 5 years I was pain free and had full mobility. It wasn’t until I was 9 months pregnant that I experienced lower back pain again and went back to see Dr. Lester for an adjustment. Within two treatments I was pain free again. My son is now 6 weeks old and I am still pain free! I highly recommend Dr. Lester for all. Thanks David for all you do.”

Trissa Adams – New Paltz, NY

Client, David Walton

I started seeing Dr. Lester a few months ago.  I had a herniated disc. I could barely walk, sleeping was impossible…I couldn’t even put my shoes on.  After a few months of treatment my back and leg pain have decreased significantly.  I’m now walking fine (I’m even biking and swimming again). Dr. Lester has also counseled me on my diet, had me quit caffeine and taught me to meditate.  Because of these changes and regular adjustment the stress and headaches which I had experienced everyday have been completely absent. The care Dr. Lester provides is complete and very compassionate. Thank you Dr. Lester!”

Dave Walton – New Paltz, NY

Image of client, Casey

I had started chiropractic care over a year ago. I’d been suffering with back pain and digestive issues for quite a while. I started feeling better almost immediately. I come for regular wellness care now. Since getting regular chiropractic adjustments I’ve noticed that I have a much better positive mental attitude; and as a result I’ve made some great changes in my life.”

Casey Lynch – New Paltz, NY

Image of client, Sarah

My name is Sarah Goodlife, and I am sixty seven years old. Being an old skeptic, I am not given to testimonies. However, I’ve been seeing Dr. Lester since July of this year, and I must say his method of Torque Release chiropractic has made a big difference in my life.  So here is my story.

In the past, I have used traditional chiropractors to overcome localized pain in my neck and upper back..  However, over the last few years, I have had ongoing problems with not only my neck but also my shoulder, my elbow, my knees, my lower back, and my hips.  In addition, I’ve had low energy and a series of sinus infections.  Moreover, as recently as September of this year, my temporal mandibular joint have me pain, and I was unable to chew properly.

I embarked on a quest to help myself gain control of these pains by calling upon various traditional and non-traditional healers.  Appointments with orthopedists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and Reiki practitioners produced some short-term results, but as each part of me got relief, another part began acting up.  I became afraid to exercise for fear of creating more pain.  What was that all about?

I began seeing a homeopathic healer, and, after some trails and errors with remedies, she recommended me to Dr. Lester.  Over the last few months, all of the above maladies have disappeared!  Furthermore, I have energy that lasts through the day and a sense of calmness and cool headedness that, well, I’ve never had before in my life.  Best of all, after a year’s hiatus, I’ve been dancing again.  I shouted with joy last Saturday night when I went from 8:00 to 11:00 and danced almost every dance with ease and fun.

Being 67 began to be a trail for me.  Now, after Dr. Lester’s expert adjustments and the relaxation his unique approach provides, I look forward to 68 and beyond with my body ready, willing, and able for a life filled with excitement and possibility.

Sarah Goodlife – New Paltz, NY