Recently I realized that we (my family) had gotten so busy that we weren’t seeing much of our friends. It dawned on me that one of my best friends’ babies was reaching a year old and we had only seen him about four times; and they live in New Paltz! We were isolating ourselves; and it didn’t feel right. We decided to make a concerted effort to see people. We have, and our lives have become richer.

All our lives have become so rushed and busy. It’s so easy to loose contact with those that we care for and love. Studies show that people who have others in their lives are healthier and happier. It’s built into our physiology (safety in numbers).

A few years ago I had a patient who was just not responding to care. I knew that she had no friends; and lived an isolated life. I continually encouraged her to seek some community. Once we were talking in the adjusting room; and another patient (who couldn’t help overhearing our conversation) invited her to his church. It clicked for her; and her social life started to blossom. So did her health; she started to make some wonderful breakthroughs!

Take the time to reach out; you’ll be glad you did!

Love you All!

Adjusting Your Life,