It’s spring again and after a third “honey do” weekend my muscles are sore and my whole body aches.  We filled over 30 leaf bags, mulched, shoveled gravel, pruned, cleaned out and organized the garage, and got years of accumulated junk out on the street for clean-up.  I can’t wait to get adjusted!

This time of year has always been a bit introspective for me.  I see how beautiful everything is, blooming, and coming to life and it pushes me to examine my own life.  Am I moving in a direction that I desire?  Is my life growing and blooming or is it stagnant and stuck?  This is a law of nature; all things are in growth or decline.  When I do feel stagnant and stuck all the new beauty of spring surrounding me almost hurts.  It becomes a painful reminder that I need to re-examine my life and make healthier, positive changes.  The change I see all around me becomes a catalyst of my own growth, transformation and re-birth.  Every second we have the capability do drop old ways of thinking and being and starting anew.  It can happen in a flash!

It needn’t be a huge thing that we change, it can be one teensy, itsy bitsy baby step in the right direction and we are no longer going in the descend but stepping into the ascend.  We are taking a step in the right direction and that’s what’s important!  All we need to do is take one little step at a time!

I’m sure I am not the only one sore and achy after this weekend; and even though I’m always raving about how chiropractic is a lot more than treating back pain, I’m looking forward to helping you all out!

Love to All!