Tuesday night we’ll be with my family in Brooklyn celebrating Passover.  Passover commemorates the exodus from Egypt of the Jews who were slaves there.  It’s a holiday that celebrates freedom.  Not only the physical freedom that the Jews experienced when leaving Egypt but our own personal freedom as well.

We all have our personal “Egypt’s”, those fears, insecurities and addictions that keep us from experiencing the full possibilities of our lives.  What kind of life do you really want?  What gets in your way of loving, playing, and giving enough?  Just as the Jew’s escaped historical Egypt we all have the power to escape our personal Egypt.  Sometimes it just takes some loving attention so we can realize that we are holding ourselves captive, and then slowly we can set ourselves free.

What does this have to do with chiropractic?  Everything we do, everything we say, and how we perceive our world all comes through our nerve system.  The freer our nerve system is of old habits and patterns the freer we are!

At the end of the Seder we say “Today we are slaves, next year we will be in Jerusalem.” “Jerusalem” is a metaphor for an individual’s state of freedom. Of course we don’t expect to be totally free by next year. But we can make healthy choices and take small steps, so maybe; hopefully, we are a little freer next year than this year.

Love you All!