About Lester Chiropractic

Dr. David Lester has been treating residents of the Hudson Valley—from newborns to the elderly—for more than two decades. His informed, dedicated care and cutting edge chiropractic techniques help patients heal their primary source of stress and tension and return to full, vibrant, healthy lives. His professional yet warm and friendly manner extends to all who come to him for relief from a range of symptoms caused by every possible condition, including simple daily living, and childbirth to chronic illnesses. Athletes also find that Dr. Lester’s chiropractic care helps improve their focus, coordination, flexibility, and energy.

Through continuous practice, training, and learning, he has helped thousands of people lead healthier and happier lives.

Dr. Lester’s gentle “Torque Release Technique” (TRT) technique works for problems that range from simple backaches to chronic, debilitating diseases. TRT applies a gentle vibration to the spine in order to enable the release of deep neurological tension.  Dr. Lester adjusts the “Integrator” according to the needs of his patients, whether they are infants, children, adults, and seniors.

TRT is the only chiropractic technique that has been tested in various reproducible scientific clinical trails and has been found to “facilitate changes in patients’ well being.”

My role as your chiropractor is to determine whether physical, chemical, or emotional stresses are at the root of your health concerns. I can help your body to release that stress, and, in turn, restore your natural ability to heal.

At Lester Chiropractic we use a set of extremely sensitive technologies designed by NASA that measure the amount of stress you are holding in your body and how deeply it is affecting your health (Insight Subluxation Station). Using this instrumentation, we continually monitor your progress throughout the course your care.

Torque Release Techniqueis a cutting edge, incredibly gentle, and effective chiropractic technique. We use an instrument called an “Integrator” that is designed not to move the vertebrae, but to release deep neurological patterns of tension.