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Monthly thoughts and personal insights seen from your chiropractor’s perspective.

Eat, Breathe & Drink

I was at a conference this weekend. It was on the Jersey shore and the hotel was right on the beach. The blizzard was incredibly intense. The sound of the wind and the waves was so loud that it kept us all up through the night.  It was incredibly thrilling to experience the power of [...]

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I’m so thankful for our ability as humans to continually start anew. The healthier you are the greater your capabilities to recognize the amazing possibilities the world is presenting to you. Healthy choices (getting checked regularly for subluxations, eating well, and getting plenty of rest and exercise) will open you up to a whole new [...]

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Why is Showing Appreciation Important for Health

“Research shows that grateful people are happier and the quality of their health and emotional state of being can be transformed by being more appreciative. Studies performed by HeartMath clearly show improved heart rhythmic function, stress reduction and clearer thought processes resulting from being grateful.”** We all have so much to appreciate if we just [...]

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