I was at a conference this weekend. It was on the Jersey shore and the hotel was right on the beach. The blizzard was incredibly intense. The sound of the wind and the waves was so loud that it kept us all up through the night.  It was incredibly thrilling to experience the power of nature.

A friend and mentor, “Dr. Dean Depiece” gave an inspiring chiropractic presentation. In a section of the talk we were asked “How long can we live without food?” We answered “about 30 to 40 days”. He then asked us” how about water?” the answer was”about 4 to 5 days till we can die of dehydration”. “And air?” he asked. The reply was “maybe 10 minutes”. “How about the nerve impulse from the brain to the body, if that was taken away, how quickly would we die?” The answer” instantaneously!”.

The moral of the story? Don’t forget to eat, drink, breath and get adjusted!

Love you all!