Neurosis, Anxieties, & Fears are Not Who We Are

This weekend I attended my childhood friend Howies’ son Jessie’s’ Bar-Mitzvah.  It was kind of poignant; I can still recall Howies’ Bar-Mitzvah.  At one point of the service called “Ashrei” the Rabbi gave an explanation of the prayer.  She explained that the word “Ashrei” is a form of the word that means “happy."  She told [...]

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Sciatica Treatment, Back Pain – Chiropractic as an Alternative in Sciatica Pain Relief

What is Sciatica? Sciatica is a distracting and often intense pain that begins in the lower back and extends down one or both legs.  It typically worsens with periods of sitting or standing. The discs between the spinal bones of the lower back are often involved. Trauma and stress can cause one or more discs [...]

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Natural PMS Treatment- Chiropractic Care for Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS Premenstrual Syndrome Estimates suggest that up to 90% of women suffer from some form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) with 10-20% experiencing severe or disabling symptoms.  If you’re resolved not to give in to menstrual or premenstrual discomfort, and you want a natural solution that avoids drugs, many women turn to chiropractic. The Lumbar Spine [...]

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Stress is a regular part of our life. Stress can motivate us and help us grow. However, when stress overwhelms us it affects all facets of our life, our health, relationships and our overall well-being and quality of life. Physical Stress Repetitive motions (painting the ceiling), postural distortions (falling asleep with your neck twisted) and [...]

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Headache Relief – Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches

Headaches Headaches are painfully common, but they don’t need to be a part of normal, day-to-day life. The vast majority of headaches—tension, migraine, or cluster—are associated with muscle tension in the neck. Headaches can also be related to premenstrual symptoms and asthma and allergies. Dr. Lester’s gentle, low force Drug Culture While convenient, drugs that [...]

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Can Chiropractic Treatment Boost the Immune System?

Studies Showing Chiropractic Boosting the Immune System One of the most important studies was performed by Dr. Ronald Pero, Ph.D., chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute and professor medicine at New York University.  It showed the positive effect that chiropractic care can have on the immune system and general health. [...]

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Can Chiropractic Care Help With Allergies?

Allergies Chiropractic care doesn’t treat allergies.  So, why do so many people with allergies mention that they get relief by receiving care in our office? It’s Not the Pollen There are many signs of an allergic reaction.  Itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, skin rash.  More serious reactions can include constricted air passageways, vomiting and even [...]

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Asthma & Chiropractic Treatment

Asthma Chiropractic is not a treatment for asthma.  However, we’ve had countless success stories in our office, especially concerning children. Considerable research documents the link between the spinal column, the nervous system and the respiratory system.  This is why so many people have mentioned improved breathing by consulting our office. Countless Causes Asthma cases seem [...]

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