Often when my wife is giving me a hard time (which hardly ever, ever happens of course!), I noticed that I stop seeing her as a person with needs, wants, and feelings but an object; someone who is just making my life difficult.  Sometimes when it’s late and I’m tired, my son needs a bath, he doesn’t want one, I finally corral him into the tub, and I need to sit with him, he stops being a person, just someone I need to take care of, an object.

I can see all others as objects, the bank teller, and the cashier, even people I respect and admire.  If I stop seeing their true humanity they become objects. This happens when our heart closes down, when we stop feeling the humanity in ourselves!

What does this have to do with chiropractic? Have you ever noticed that after an adjustment you feel less guarded, more relaxed and open? Does that make it easier to relate with others? A nervous system that holds less stress is less defensive and more adaptive. Chiropractic is about the health of your body and mind. With a healthier mind we have better relationships.

Adjusting your Life,