About 3 weeks ago one of our practice member’s wives gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. He came in to get adjusted 5 days later. He told me that the baby was constipated and hadn’t gone to the bathroom for 2 days. That can’t be healthy for a 5 day old!  I went to his house during lunch to check and see if the baby was subluxated; if she was, of course I’d adjust her.  Well the poor little baby was all contracted; with her knees pulled up and her arms pulled in (that’s how you can tell if babies are subluxated).  As I adjusted her she started to unwind before our very eyes.  When I was done, her legs and arms were totally relaxed and hanging by her sides. When I got back to the office there was a message waiting for me, “She pooped!!!”

I have countless stories involving newborns and babies. Not only have I helped newborns with their digestive systems, I’ve helped babies, toddlers, kids, and teenagers with chronic ear infections, asthma, sleep disorders, colic, scoliosis, Attention Deficit Disorder, even post traumatic stress disorder (adopted babies from orphanages or difficult births). The list goes on and on.  The thing is – it’s so easy with them because their bodies are so eager to heal.  Kid’s need chiropractic check-ups just like we do even if they’re not experiencing any difficulties in their life.  Many of our subluxations patterns begin when we are young.  It’s so much easier to clear those patterns when they’re not so deeply ingrained in our bodies!

There was a study done many years ago that examined the DNA of children of chiropractors (they all had been adjusted throughout their lives). It was found that the part of the DNA that was responsible for the immune system was “200% more capable than the average person”!!  A chiropractor is trained to assess the spine and nerve system for neurological stress – subluxations.  As a parent I know for example, that children are brought to the dentist to have their teeth checked, and an optometrist to have their eyes checked, so why not bring them to a chiropractor to have their spine checked.  No matter what disease or condition you have, you can benefit from a healthy spine. Are you and your family carrying subluxations in your spines? Only a chiropractic spinal checkup can tell.  There are a lot of unhealthy spines out there and it’s my job to make them healthy again.  I welcome children of all ages, so feel free to bring in your kids.  I will check them immediately to see if they carry any subluxations.  Please feel comfortable recommending me to any friends whose kids may be suffering from any the above mentioned symptoms.  With your support of chiropractic and with your help spreading the word, I am able to do my end of it which is – “adjusting your life” through chiropractic care.

Love you all!