My dearest childhood friend Paul’s mother Naomi passed away Thursday night. She was a kind, sweet and steady sort of person.  Paul wrote her eulogy which told here life story. As a child in London during the Second World War she was sent out of the city to be safe from the bombings and lived with a foster family. After the war she and her family immigrated to Montreal, she met Paul’s dad “Moe”, they had two kids. She was a wonderful mother and a devoted grandmother.

When told in this way the story of her life seems so simple. We know that lives aren’t really like that; there is passion, love, deep disappointments and dreams. There are hurdles overcome, and potentials never met. There are times when we’re engaged in life and times when we pull back. We all experience all of this through our lives. In the sorrow encountered through witnessing death, we come in contact with the experience of being human, and realize it is something we all share.

Adjusting Your Life,