I’m using this holiday season as an opportunity to say thank you. Each morning as I rise I give thanks for all that’s precious to me. I usually first give thanks for the gift of actually waking up (easy to take for granted!).  I express gratitude for my wife and kids, friends, family, staff, my profession, and for all of you… my “practice members.”

I’ve been practicing Chiropractic for 21 years; hard to believe! I have never tired of it. It’s not that practice doesn’t present its challenges, but the sense of fulfillment I receive as I watch people’s lives change continually blows me away. Just last Wednesday, the adjusting room was full, Nora Jones was playing on the stereo, and the sun was shining full tilt into the room. I was feeling just right and in the zone, everyone was responding to their adjustments; I could see their breathing open, their spines relaxing and the energy flowing. At that second it hit me…. This is what I do for a living! I watch people as their life force gets turned on. How awesome! And you know what? I couldn’t do it with out you! I want to thank for the honor of your trust, for the opening of your hearts and minds to try something extra-ordinary, and for allowing me to witness that special part of you that is expanding and growing with each adjustment.