Sharon, Heath and I just spent the weekend camping up in the Berkshires.  We had a beautiful campsite in the woods on a stream. Falling asleep and waking to the sound of running water was awesome!  Camping for me, although a lot of work, (setting up camp, breaking down camp, cooking, cleaning, gathering wood for the fire, keeping a fire…) is still incredibly relaxing.  Life gets stripped down to the bare essentials; food, work, nature, relaxation, and being with people you love.

When you’re camping you don’t have a lot of the distractions that you have at home, the phone, and the t.v. for example. There’s a lot more time to hang and relax with each other. Also more time to talk and engage.  I noticed different levels of engagement with my 2 year old son Heath. We spent a lot of time throwing rocks into the stream, playing with his trucks or handling caterpillars.  I noticed that I could baby sit, and just keep him amused; or I could really pay attention to what excited him, and peeked his interest. When I did the latter he was much more than just my 2 year old baby son, but another person with depth and feeling.  He also seemed to see me in a different light then as well. We just became closer.

When we’re living in “survival” it’s so easy to take the people closest to us for granted and to assign them various roles in our lives: be it our children, spouses, partners, or other family and friends. We lose their essence and with that our own. We’re no longer “close” to the people we live with; and our lives become isolated and lonely.

Chiropractic adjustments and a nourishing life style are powerful tools that free us from being imprisoned in “survival”. When we are “free” it becomes possible to truly engage with those we love and our lives have so much more depth and meaning. Love you all!

Adjusting Your Life,