Here we are with another year behind us and a fresh new one before us. An empty canvas filled with so many possibilities. Often at the beginning of a new year we consider the changes we’d like to see in our lives, or the changes we’d like to see in ourselves. We want to be in better shape or start eating healthier. Possibly we would like to save more money, or spend more time with our families. There are so many worthwhile goals; changes we can make that can help our lives become richer and more fulfilling.

On the other hand we can be so hard on ourselves; unable to accept who we really are. What would it be like to embrace your whole self?  What would it be like to embrace those parts of yourself that you’re not so proud of?  We all have our insecurities, our neurosis, and fears. It’s part of being who you are.  Let’s face it; we’d be pretty boring if we were perfect. So why do we expect ourselves or others to be?  Our imperfections are often the most lovable parts of us. Treating ourselves with kindness, humor, and compassion, allows us to treat others the same way.

Have you noticed that sometimes after your adjustment you have a sense of clarity and calmness; you may feel better about yourself and others? With a clear nerve system we are better able to connect to our own basic goodness and innate compassion.

While striving for positive change in your life try to remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself; we’re all miracles!

Love you all!