It’s wonderful and a bit scary watching your kids achieve greater independence. Heath our 2 year old explores his physical possibilities by running, jumping, falling, and often crashing to the floor with a pretty intense bang. I just read a study that reported that a child falls about 2000 times in their first 3 years! Watching Ariana my 17 year old daughter experience independence is a bigger challenge, as the consequences of her exploring and falling are so much greater.

We just spent the Independence Day weekend with my mom down in Brooklyn by the beach. She’s still pretty independent at 81. She’s a volunteer at the ballet and the opera, and still plays tennis a couple of times a week.

What does this all have to do with chiropractic? I guess that it’s essential for everyone. For a baby that’s becoming more independent and continually falling and possibly creating subluxations that can affect his health for years to come. For the 81 year old grandmother so she can stay mobile, healthy and maintain her independence, and for the sanity of parents of teenagers so they can keep their stress levels manageable as their kids seek their independence! Love you all!

Adjusting your Life,

Dr. David Lester