Gentle Chiropractic as a Natural Alternative in Pain Relief

New Paltz chiropractor, Dr. Lester specializes in a gentle form of chiropractic that doesn’t “move or crunch the bones.”

Most of our patients not only feel their aches and pain go away but experience a definitive move towards improved health.

Image of client at Lester Chiropractic“After 4 months of going to Dr. Lester, my back pain is gone and I have much improved mobility in my neck. I’m also much more relaxed and dealing with stress much better.” – Mark Samek – New Paltz, NY


Chiropractic Care for:

A Holistic Approach

Dr. Lester’s holistic approach to pain relief takes a patient’s entire lifestyle into account. You will receive expert care, specifically designed for what you need.

“I’d been suffering with back pain and digestive issues for quite a while. I started feeling better almost immediately. I come for regular wellness care now.”
– Casey Lynch – New Paltz, NY


Wellness & Meditation Classes Free for the Community

Dr. Lester is accessible and committed to the community and his patients. Come join him for one of his free weekly wellness classes in New Paltz. He would love to meet you.